Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WWRW: Party Animals by Katie Davis

Okay, guys, for the record, I don't usually have strong opinions of picture books. They've all got colorful pictures, a narration, and a separate laminated cover that annoys you when it falls off.

Party Animals generates a strong feeling. Of nausea.

It's just so... random.

Okay, the plot is that there's a party at the barnyard. The ant thinks he's the only one not invited, but it turns out to be a surprise birthday party for him. It's chock full of preschool "education" by mentioning colors and numbers. Here's an example:

"Two purple frogs croaking, "Will there be dancing?" and tossing a salad for the party." 

The annoying thing is the randomness factor. Like, why are the frogs talking about dancing, or making a salad? They're not making even something like fly pie?

At the number six, there are "Six red ponies neighing, "Let's play Pin the Tail On the Donkey!" and playing Frisbee before the party."

Pin the tail on the donkey? What does that have to do with ponies? Oh, but don't forget, they're also playing Frisbee.

Hmm. That's not confusing.

At ten and eleven, there are ten hens laying eggs for the party. Already, you're wondering, "Are they eating a lot of eggs at the party or something? Strange." But then, at eleven, the eggs hatch and there are chicks making eggshell salad, thereby making number ten make no sense (officially) and, eggshell salad? Oh, I admit, the chicks are cute (one has an eggshell on it's head covering its eyes, bringing to mind Mare-Bear's hairdo), but... random.

So, if you're looking for an educational preschool picture book, I recommend not even considering Party Animals. It'll save you a lot of anguish and trouble.