My Family

If you've yet seen my About Me page, you'll know my family isn't small. Not too big, but not small.

So there's Lizzy, my 9 year old sister who manages the Lime Lollipops blog. She is fun to play with.   Her favorite thing to do is play games that we make up and play loud noisy games with Paul and Ceci. She is going to be Artemis for Halloween.She loves horses and many other animals.

There's Paul, my little brother. He's 4 and obsessed with cars and turtles. He talks like the little boy you see on TV, mispronouncing tough words and saying 'w' for R's and L's. He's learning to read and write. He already writes his own name.His favorite past time is watching television, or finding caterpillars and petting them.

Cecilia (or Ceci, as we call her) is 1, chubby, cute, and mischievous. She is trying to potty train herself by pulling her pants down and then up, and pretending to wipe. She loves animals including chickens and dogs, which we fortunately have. Her favorite things are eating and wrecking stuff. She is very good at both.

My dad is a funny  HILARIOUS man and is expert at building things. He is applying for jobs at the moment and loves watching comedies. His chores include taking care of Ceci, watching Ceci, putting Ceci back to bed, and keeping Ceci out of danger. We help with those sometimes because they are the hardest chores.

My mother is FAMOUS! Well, not really. She has the House Unseen blog and has 342 followers. Do you know her? Chances are you have if you are a fellow blogger. She is nice and an excellent teacher for us. She even took us to go see the fireman at the library once. I am not even kidding.

That's all my family members. They are all very interesting to talk to (especially Paul.All the things that come out of his mouth have the word poop in them).