Thursday, October 20, 2011

Understanding Babies- the Nova Edition

I have always wondered what Ceci thinks about. Now there's not much need to, because she's *sniff* learning to talk. She still has some gibberish words she uses, though, of course. And this is what I'm here to talk about. Welcome to Understanding Babies!
You should know Ceci (and I believe I speak for many others as well) likes animals that are soft.
Oh, yes, she does. She can say only soft animal names, such as dog and chickie, and... what other animal does she say?

For babies, going outside and playing messy games is the funnest thing ever. Just listen to their coos (and screams) to go "OUTSIDE!" Watch them at every spare moment to make sure they don't get absolutely covered with mud and water. I've gotten in trouble for this many times, folks.

When Ceci says "DINK!" that means drink. So far her favorite is bottled water in a sippy cup. Why is this? Notable sisters still do not know.

The things Ceci likes are too numerous to say, but I'll tell you one thing. She'll climb up on the couch and yell, "Bow Bow!" which means she wants to watch her favorite TV show, Blues Clues. Why are kids attracted to silly talking random household items? I don't know, because if it really happened it would be likely to scare the bejeezus out of them.

This has been an episode of Understanding Babies: the Nova Edition.

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  1. This is WAY adorable!!!! How awesome that you write these accounts! Ceci will be so grateful!