Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thanks Be

So this is my poem I've written for school. Tell me what you think...

I am thankful for dreams and dolphins, for days and nights,and delphiniums, for dinners and donuts, and diaries.

I am thankful for silver moons, and red rosy fires, and clear lakes, and green leaves.

For magic and mysteries, for stars and stories, and family and forgiveness most of all.


  1. Very well done! I'm so happy you thought it interesting enough to put your words to it. Like I told your mom, it's fun to do it different years to see what else you become thankful for!

    (If I told you that my good friend is a dolphin trainer at a Chicago zoo, would you want to come visit some day?)

  2. Very cool poem! Have you ever seen a dolphin in real life? I live near the beach in Florida and sometimes you can see them jumping in the ocean. It's really neat. I like how you used very descriptive words. I'm thankful for donuts too! I didn't get any dessert tonight. I should go get a donut!